Understanding about video games for children

In this article would like to pros of video games for children, since in spite of all of the positive press video games get, particularly in respect to kids, I really do believe there is the possibility for plenty of good. Starting with the apparent reasons parents typically cite for not allowing their children to play video games, probably number one on the list is that it is extremely bad for their eyes. With the new wave of top eyesight television sets I am not positive if eye damage is as bad as the older cathode ray TVs, but I am sure it is still not really that great for the eyes, and this isn’t restricted to children either. It would be great if a TV screen could be made that was not so detrimental. Or at least not to the level which nonreversible harm is done. If this problem could be addressed, I am sure that would take quite a little sting out of this debate.


Second on the list is that video games are bad because of their brains. In this respect I would need to say it depends upon the game, but with the tremendous lack of responsibility on the part of the game manufacturers the positive reputation is definitely deserved. Were the quality of the games somewhat higher, with less a level of wanton violence and destruction, maybe parents wouldn’t be so negative to the idea. Third on the list is that time spent playing these games takes away from time that children could be spending playing areal sports, studying or participating in quality time with their friends or loved ones. Children are so busy now that time management has become a problem even for two year olds, but with a balance of appropriate scheduling I am sure there might not be the requirement to the whole idea of children playing these games only on this account.

Turning into some of the experts for children playing video games I want to draw from my own experience of playing video games as a kid. Two of the things it taught me were binary logic and hand eye coordination. Both of these items have been invaluable throughout my entire life and either one of these is grounds for additional investigation into this. In terms of binary logic, while playing with the first video games that I came to understand the notion of yes/no processing. And because all computers are based on this idea, this helped me to master the computer later on in life. Recognizing how electrical appliances work and mechanical systems could be derived from this easy comprehension and by playing video games it had been instilled in my without the least bit of research. That is quite a challenging way to understand its consequences. Click to read more Gamerinsiders.com about latest video games.

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